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Where’s your next book!

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It’s in my computer. Sitting. Gathering dust.

I pretty much finished a really great book on the AEF in WW1.  Think AEF done in “Spearheading D-day style.” Sadly, due to many complicated reasons plans for it to be published by two different pubishers have both gone awry.  Just don’t ask. It is very frustrating.

So I figured I would just post it on the web and give it away for free. I started trying to convert it, but to be honest I have been unable to find a layout that easily converts to HTML, and (being lazy) it is also quite time-consuming.

Then I figured I would just turn it into an E-book, but the level of e-books is just not up to what I need it to be for what I want. Possibly the next generation Kindle may work, but that’s a few years off probably.

So there it sits… broken hearted.

Other books? well to be honest I am pretty burned out on publishers right now. I have lots of ideas and false starts, but to me the fun is inthe research and fiding it out for myself. Writing it down for other people to learn from is HARD WORK.  And to be honest it steals time from your life, you maybe break even if you are lucky,  and people don’t really care much and forget all the hard work you put into it. Pretty soon the stuff you slaved over starts drifting into other people’s books.  No credit. No thanks.  No tip of the hat.

Mind you, having to write it up makes you really learn it. You can “think” you know it, but then when you go to write you realize there are small gaps in your research, or something does not quite fit. And you have to go figure it all out.


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October 19, 2010 at 4:45 pm

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